About Us

We know eating healthy is not always easy. When there are so many demands on our time, the effort it takes to plan for, buy and prepare healthy, nutritious meals can be overwhelming. And when youre trying to lose weight, healthy eating can become an undesirable experience, but not with Fit Foods 4 You.

Whether you are trying to lose fat, build lean and toned muscle, or simply live a healthier life,Fit Foods 4 You makes it easy.

Fresh, healthy, delicious meals that fit your lifestyle.

No long-term commitments and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

You can now relax; weve got the only solution to permanent and unbelievable fat loss results!

Try it today

Golden Plate Catering & Dialed In Fitness unite years of countless culinary experience, nutritional knowledge, and fitness expertise to present to you Fit Foods 4 You!

Carol Medina, Fit Foods 4 You’s fitness and nutrition expert has countless of experience helping clients achieve the physiques they never thought possible. Carol is Co-owner of Dialed In Fitness, IFBB Amateur Figure Athlete, Natural Muscle Magazine writer, and your personal fitness and nutritional coach!

Michelle Straka, Fit Foods 4 You’s culinary chef is no rookie in the culinary field. She has been preparing meals for high end corporations and has extensive experience in the catering business. She is also owner of Golden Plate Catering. Michelle not only has experience and golden hands when in comes to the kitchen. Her hands are also fierce and powerful as she is also boxing champion!

These champions will get your physique to where you dream to be and make your tastebuds rejoice!

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