Fats: Which to use & which to avoid?

Eating the right Fats & Oils is essential for optimal health and physique altering results.

With that in mind, here is a list for the best & worst types of fat to cook and best eaten cold.
Cooking Oils:
The best types of fat to cook with are saturated fats. Saturated fats are more stable and don’t damage with air or light and can sustain to be heated to maximum temperatures. Hence, they are perfect for cooking. Unsaturated fats are prone to oxidation and can be toxic if heated or cooked with.
Best to Cook with : Coconut Oil or Coconut Butter
OK to Cook with: Olive Oil or Peanut Oil
Worst: Soybean, Sunflower, Fish Oil, Flaxseed Oil
Fats to consume cold:
Eating a moderate amount of essential fats is necessary for a healthy body and shaping a nice physique. Fats that you want to also consume (cold-not to cook with) are:
Fish Oils
Flaxseed Oils
Olive Oils
Nut Oils or Raw Nuts or Nut Butters
Raw Seeds or Seed Butters
*Note: Coconut oil is awesome because you can use hot or cold!
Fats You Want To Avoid:
Hydrogenated oils or partially hydrogenated oils (man made trans fats found in Earth Balance, Benecol, I can’t Believe this is Not Butter, to name a few.
Vegetable Oil
Canola Oil
Corn Oil
Soybean Oil
There you have it. Throw out those unhealthy fattening fats and replace with the good fats that will get you in your best shape quick!


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